Bush Farms Grass Fed Beef

Grass raised, grass finished beef !

From our family to yours!


Our Mission Statement: 

We commit to raising and producing premium quality beef, caring for our animals to the best of our ability, and providing our customers with a great product and top quality customer service, at competitive pricing.  

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Bush Farms Grass Fed Beef

About Us

Purchase Locally



Buying locally helps to support family farms, and gives the consumer the best choice for how they feed their family, and at great savings. 

Purchasing farm-direct allows more community based revenue and cuts out the middle man, where up to 91% of profits are made. 

Great Quality Beef



Grass Fed Beef is naturally lean and contains higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are 7% of the total fat content, as compared to only 1% in grain fed beef.

A portion of GFB has about the same amount of fat as a boneless, skinless chicken breast of comparable size. 




We believe that great relationships are the result of trust and communication between us and our customers.

  We take our job seriously and desire to honor God , as well as our customers, in how we conduct our business.   

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Please text or call us at 606-584-8212

Feel free to ask questions!  We are happy to help! 

Bush Farms Grass Fed Beef

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