To Order/Purchase Grass Fed Beef


We sell USDA Grass Fed Beef by the lb as well as GFB Shares

To order, just call or text 606-584-8212!                

For Family Packs, Roasts, Steaks, or Ground Beef by the lb, text/call 606-584-8212    

Delivery Dates for 2019

April 18, 2019 Grass Fed Beef Shares

November 2019  Grass Fed Beef Shares

USDA by the pound cuts: sold year round as supplies last

We can make deliveries to Wilder Ky, with every group sold!

We will pick up your beef for you and deliver to Wilder, Ky if you like.  

We have a minimum of 2 different delivery dates per group of calves sold, to meet busy schedules.  (We meet at the UDF in Wilder, across from Great Escapes Movie Theater.)

Beef Cuts Information

With the purchase of a Whole or Half share, you may call the processor with your cuts, or order Bush Farms Preferred Cuts. 

With the purchase of a Quarter share, the cuts are "BUSH FARMS PREFERRED CUTS"  

These cuts are very popular, meet customer demand, and are what most all our customers request, even when purchasing a half or whole share.  




Sirloin Tip

Top Round

Bottom Round

Eye of Round

BONELESS STEAKS: (2-4 steaks per pkg, 1" thick cut)

Filet Mignon


New York Strip

Sirloin (great for stews too!) 


With BFPC, approximately 60-65% of your beef will be a very high quality ground beef.  Perfect for burgers, tacos, soups, meatballs, meatloaf, and more! 

Prime Ground Beef is whole animal ground, excluding rump & sirloin roast, filet mignon, NY Strip, and ribeye