About Our Grass Fed Beef Farm & Family

Bush Farms Grass Fed Beef

Our family owns and operates a fourth generation grass fed beef farm in Northern Kentucky.  We grow heirloom breed Hereford and Hereford-Gelbveigh cross cattle, grass raised and grass finished.  Our calves and cattle consume only mother's milk, grass and high quality hay, grown right here on our farm.  We do not use antibiotics or growth hormones in our farming methods, and have a regular herd check and vaccination  schedule.  

Some recent farm improvements are new fencing and property expansion, allowing more grazing pastures for our cattle.  We use rotational grazing and allow a minimum of 2.5 to 3 acres per cow-calf pair to allow for optimum grazing, milk production, and herd health, which results in high quality beef, from our farm to your table.  

Our Mission Statement: 

We commit to raising and producing premium quality beef, caring for our animals to the best of our ability, and providing our customers with a great product and top quality customer service, at competitive pricing.  

Having run a dairy and beef farm for 40 years, and raising 6 amazing children, we understand busy lives, frugality, and good, honest hard work.  We strive to have competitive pricing so that your family can experience farm raised, high quality beef at an affordable price.   Our customers are one of the most important reasons we do what we do, and we look forward to serving your family. We offer great cuts of beef, ground beef for amazing grass fed burgers, and processed by simply the best processors we've found in over 20 years of business: Fleming Meat Packers, whose integrity and service is unsurpassed. 

We appreciate your interest in our product and we look forward to hearing from you.